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A Sucker Born Every Minute


They say a sucker is born every minute and after you spent the last couple of night at the fair, Emma Rosie is starting to wonder what you are up to. While going through your laundry, she finds a strange coin. This is a blowjob token! What the heck, did you win this or somethin’? And it is non-negotiable too! Have you been riding the tilt-a-whirl or riding the tilt-a-girls? She can’t leave you with a treasure like this and besides, finders keepers! Emma won’t let you redeem this blowjob with just anyone, so she’ll get right to work working your shaft with her warm mouth! After some passionate sucking, turn Emma around to fuck her doggy style. Flip her on her back for more and really give it to her! In the end, Emma will go wild with a wild ride on your cock and take a creamy mouthful for HER prize!
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