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Bad Jokers, Good Fuckers


Lia Lin is quite a prankster. She loves taking embarrassing photos of people and sharing them with her VR porn social media followers. One day when her stepfather falls asleep, she decides to take pictures of him with her giant stuffed penis toy. You catch and think the whole thing is pretty funny. You encourage her to pull down her shorts and make the shots sexy for her followers. Lia can see that you are getting horny watching her and has some hot ideas of her own. She teases you until you can’t help yourself and whip out your hard cock. While she is busy giving you head, her stepdad wakes up and catches you. Seeing his stepdaughter sucking your cock shocked him, but rather than being angry he just wants to join in the VR fun. If one taboo dick is good, two is even better for Lia. She happily bobs her pretty face from one meat pole to the other getting both of them hard and ready to fuck her tight teen holes. She lets you go first, bending over for you while still sucking stepdaddy’s dick. Turning around she gets to feel what an older man’s dick can do for her. It turns out that he fucks even better than you and she can hardly keep the younger dick in her mouth from all the screaming she is doing for stepdaddy’s dick game. Keeping both of them happy is her main goal, but along the way, Lia’s pussy cums repeatedly as she gets used to the non-stop pussy pumping. Dying to taste them, she puts both cocks in her mouth and sucks until they explode, feeding her creaming jizz until it covers her face. Content like this turns girls like Lia into superstar influencers.
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