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Blake Blossom in “My Wife’s Hot Friend”


I’m so excited that football is back in season. My wife invited her good friend, Blake Blossom, to the big football game. She shows up but unfortunately, my wife is stuck at work wrapping up a few things. It’s all good with me though because Blake is some serious eye candy. Blake and I decide to pregame before my wife gets home. We start to chat about football when Blake notices my package. She can tell I’ve got a big sausage and she’s hungry! Since my wife isn’t going to be home and Blake is here lookin’ all sexy as fuck, I let her have a taste and gobble it up.Today is a big football game and I finally get to see my black and silver team in action in the new stadium. My wife and I are big fans. One of her friends, Blake Blossom, is interested in football so my wife invited her to join us. Blake shows up but my wife isn’t home from work yet. We decide to pregame before my wife gets home. Blake and I start chatting and flirting. Apparently, she’s heard the rumor of my big dick and she can see my bulge through my shorts. She’s so curious and must see it for herself. I whip it out and Blake just HAS to have it right then and there!
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