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Casting Method


Lelya Mult VR is a struggling musician trying to finally get her big break. She is hopeful when called in to audition for a very popular all-girl band. When she arrives at the assigned time hoping to meet the band, she instead finds only their manager. Not wanting to blow her chance, she decides to listen to what he has to say. He looks her up and down explaining that every member of the band has to look the part and that they all agree to do anything he says. Testing her out, he orders her to bend over and lift her skirt. In this VR porn episode, he checks out her ass and spanks her. Seeing that she is not going to object, he tells her that the rest of the session is her audition. If she follows orders, she can be in the band. He takes out his cock and she knows just what to do with it. She slides her lips over the head and sucks until he has filled her throat with his pulsating penis. Impressed by her oral skills, he bends her over, grabs a handful of her red hair, and thrusts into her hard enough to make his hips slap against her asscheeks. She just met this man, but his dick is driving her crazy and she can’t help but cum all over him. As much as she loves the feeling, Lelya came here for a reason. If fucking him is what it takes to get in the band, she is going to give him a fuck he won’t ever forget. She grinds her pussy on his cock until she can feel him throb and then jumps off to stroke him off all over her pretty face. This hot rocker has what it takes to be in the band and rock their fans’ cock right to the top.
Divorce Without Drama
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