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Come Closer


You have been tutoring Alice Drake in French all semester. She has worked hard and always been a great student. It is finally time for your last lesson and you show up at the usual time. You are shocked when she greets you in a red bra and panties that leave nothing to the imagination. In French, she tells you that she appreciates all that you have done for her and wants to thank you in a very special way. Sit down, enjoy the VR porn show, and see just how well your favorite student has learned her lessons. Do you like the lingerie? She bought it just for you, just for today. If you like it so much, should it stay on? No? Perhaps it should come off? Of course. Anything for her special tutor. Just the top at first. Do you like small breasts? Oh no, her nipples are hard. She must be getting turned on showing off for you. Maybe you prefer asses? Her panties don’t cover much, but they can come off to show even more. Wouldn’t you be more comfortable with your pants off? It’s OK. Wow, that is a big cock. It is bigger than she saw in popular taboo VR porn movies. You should stroke it for her while she opens her pussy. Does it look sweet and tight? Her fingers barely fit in there but she looks at your cock like she would love to feel it. Not this time. This time you just get to pump and watch her finger herself. You get to hear her beg for your cum in French. She is your best student, she really does deserve that load.
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