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Come Here Daddy


Ellie Shou VR is really excited. Her mom is gone for a week, leaving her more time with her boyfriend. Her stepdad works long hours so expects to be alone with him for some great sex. She invites him over and thinks that they have the house to themselves. They can’t keep their hands off of one another but forgot to make sure that her stepdad is actually gone. By the time they notice you, she is busy kissing cock. In this VR porn taboo episode, you threaten to tell her mother everything, causing Ellie to beg you not to. She offers to do anything if you just keep the secret. That is all you need to hear. You have had your eye on your blonde stepdaughter for a while and know all about her slutty tendencies. Now it’s time to sample some for yourself. Ellie’s boyfriend is shocked when she quickly agrees to your perverted request. Watching her suck your cock changes his mind quickly. She looks so good with her mouth stuffed and is such a good slut for her stepfather that he can’t help but get hard watching. She rests her head in his lap while the more experienced man slides her panties aside and starts fucking her sweet twat. Watching is hot, but he wants to join in. Ellie is willing, but you refuse, making her boyfriend watch while you make her squeal and cum all over your big dick. He is not even allowed to jerk off as his pretty blonde girlfriend bounces blissfully to a taboo orgasm. You don’t stop until you have shot a huge load up into her pussy. There is one more secret they need to keep from her mother.
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