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Cute Outside, Wild Inside


Being home from college has been an adjustment. Getting used to living with a full house including your mom, stepdad and your stepsister Sierra Cute is a huge change from your quiet apartment near campus. Finding time to be alone has been difficult. You haven’t even been able to break out your VR headset to watch your favorite taboo porn. When you wake up early on a Saturday, you think you finally have some time to watch a new VR porn episode. Your mom takes early yoga, her husband likes to golf and your step sister is usually sleeping off a night of partying at a friend’s house. Imagine your surprise when you leave your room to get a glass of water and find your stepsister waiting for you, wearing next to nothing. She confesses that ever since she turned eighteen, she can’t stop thinking dirty thoughts and wants you to see just how much she wants you. You are unsure since you are step-siblings, but she makes you an offer. She wants to masturbate for you to show you how much she wants you. When she is done, if you still don’t feel the same way, she will leave you alone. What have you got to lose? Bending over, she shows you her tight little ass and starts talking about her explicit fantasies about fucking you. Sierra can see that you like what you see and watches you stroking your dick through your pants. She smiles when you take it out and start pumping it in your fist. Her thighs part and she starts rubbing her pussy asking you if you would like to fuck her whenever your parents are gone. How can you say no to that? As you both cum together you know that you can’t. It is only a matter of time until you are inside of her.
Two Is Better Than One
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