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Finecraft: Bedcock Edition


Will you punch some trees or pound that pussy? In the world of Finecraft, Sage Rabbit will surprise you by popping up from behind a big hunk of redstone. She just picked up a new outfit and the villagers charged her a full two emeralds! Yowza! She’ll make your blocky fantasy come to life as everything you’ll need for this co-op session will pop into glorious existence. Show her that you’re no creeper and Sage will make you feel like a real hero! Slide deep into her nether regions but her pretty pink portal is tight! Your dick is as hard as diamonds and she’ll ride and grind on you like never before. Bend Sage over to fuck like bunnies and take aim to give her a creamy shot right in her sweet pussy! Don’t be a Griefer, enter VR with Sage for a sinfully playful experience.
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