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Friendly Waiting Room


Ria Sunn and Brian Ragnastone are in a waiting room. While they wait for their turn to go, they admire their bodies and look at each other with lust and desire. They speak about their friendship and Ria tells him that if he wasn’t his friend, she would flirt with him. That’s all that he needs to make a move. He starts to caress her leg and, looking her in the eye, he approaches to kiss her. Ria kneels on the floor and, watching out that nobody is coming, she takes off his trousers and gives him a blowjob. She licks his penis and put it between her boobs. She takes off her clothes, showing him her amazing body, and goes on top of him, because she wants to fuck him in cowgirl position. While she moans in this position, he takes her boobs with his hands and squeezes them. He grabs her ass when she turns around so he can fuck her in reverser cowgirl and doggy. Doing missionary, he takes out his cock and continues masturbating himself in order to cum over her body. Everything is very intense and hot because they are always watching out that they are alone, that no one comes to the room, which makes everything hotter.
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