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Hailey Rose in “My Daughter’s Hot Friend”


Hailey Rose stayed the night at her friend’s house. Her friend just took off to work so Hailey heads to the kitchen to find some tea and start her day. Her friend’s dad is in the kitchen all alone. They get to chatting and Hailey realizes he’s looking at her tits. She apologizes for wearing such skimpy clothes this morning but the dad assures her nothing is wrong. Hailey likes older men and has been checking out her friend’s dad from time to time anyhow. She asks him if he wants to feel them and of course he does, who wouldn’t want to cop a feel at some big natural college-aged tits?! One thing leads to another and this lucky dad gets to have his way with his daughter’s hot friend.Your daughter’s friend Hailey Rose slept over again. Damn does she have some sweet big natural tits! She catches you before you leave to work and confesses her attractiveness to older men — including you! Hailey whips out her big ass tits and lets you touch and suck them. Then she wraps them perfectly around your big dick. Best of all, she wants your jizz all over her tits and her tongue before you head to work.
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