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I Was A Bad Girl, Stepdaddy


Despite her parents sending her to the best schools and hiring expensive tutors, Winter Ashby VR is struggling with her college courses. She is very nervous about showing her stepfather her latest grades. They are even worse than before. He has tried everything and she still can’t improve. You have decided that her problem is that she spends too much time watching VR porn and not enough on her studies. First, you turn her over your knee, lift up her skirt, and start to spank her bare ass. Once she is finally paying attention, you give her a ball gag and leash, ordering her to her knees. It seems strange to Winter, but you can also feel her body reacting to your stern voice and forbidden orders. You take out your cock and she stares in disbelief at just how big it is. She suddenly finds herself drooling and wanting nothing so much as to suck that big beautiful dick. You take the gag from her mouth and replace it with your meat. She is much better than her mother and sucking your big cock makes her pussy so wet that she begs you to fuck her. You are happy to do that, ramming every inch you have into her slick little slit. It is that horny pussy that is keeping her from succeeding in school. You plan to fuck it until she can stop thinking about guys and focus on her studies. She isn’t sure that will work, but she loves the way it feels when she bounces up and down on daddy’s big dick. You pull out and shoot your load in her mouth, letting it run down her chin while she swallows what she can. This may not be a good punishment, but she promises to get her grades up if you promise to keep fucking her.
Your Sweet Sandra
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