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Kayley Gunner, Tiffany Watson in “Neighborly Fuckfest”

Kayley Gunner & Tiffany Watson live next door to an attractive married man. His wife always gives them the stink-eye because Kayley and Tiffany are gorgeous babes that always sunbathe topless in their backyard. While doing their thing on a gorgeous memorial day weekend afternoon, the girls get a whiff of the neighbor BBQing. Kayley peaks over the fence to see the neighbor all by his lonesome self. Kayley and Tiffany decide to crash his party and lucky for all of them, his wife is away. They’ve all noticed one another checking each other out with fuck-me eyes so they jump on this opportunity to have some naughty fun before the wife gets back!It’s Memorial Day weekend and all you want to do is grill some meat and chillax. Your wife is going away so it’s just you and the BBQ. All of a sudden, your sexy as fuck neighbors invite themselves over to see what you’re up to. They’re hungry for some of that meat you’ve got but not the ones on the grill. They insist on eating up and sharing your big thick dick since they know your wife is away.
Britt Blair in “Naughty Bookworms”
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