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Make A Wish


Dolly Dyson loves her job. She has been her boss’ special assistant for nearly a year and is excited about her upcoming yearly review and the raise she hopes will come along with it. Though confident that her job performance will earn her high marks and an even higher salary, Dolly knows that her boss’ birthday is the perfect time to do something a little extra. In this VR porn episode, she brings him a cake wearing a dress she knows he likes and asks him if he would like to make a wish before blowing out the candles. He appreciates the cake but his gaze is fixed firmly on his lovely young assistant and her long legs. After blowing out the candles he tells her that he had only one wish. Before she can ask, he grabs her by the breasts and asks her to make it come true. She is pleased that he wants her enough to be so bold and pulls out her other tit to give him better access. He can see she has no panties and she gets her first look at her boss’ big throbbing boner. The sexy assistant knows just how to take care of such a magnificent cock and starts by putting it deep into her throat. He loves the way she looks sucking him off, but requires much more than just one hole. Dolly bends over and begs him to take her from behind. She knows just how to move to drive him crazy and promises to let him do anything he wants from now on. He is happy to hear that and happier still to see her cumming on top of him, getting off on her new position. To complete his birthday bang, the boss tells her to suck his load from his cock and Dolly does so, dutifully taking a mouthful of cream from her new master.
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