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Penelope Kay in “The Dorm Room”


Since I’m an accountant and great with numbers, I got a call from my friend that his daughter, Penelope Kay, is in need of tutoring for her college class. I show up to her dorm ready to teach but did not expect the college babe to be so horny. I know it’s wrong to fuck my friend’s daughter but she insisted, was ready to go, and was willing to keep her mouth shut about it.I’m a successful accountant and my good friend was in need of a favor. His daughter Penelope Kay needs tutoring for one of her college courses. I lend a hand to help them out and show up at Penelope’s dorm ready to teach. She invites me in and I can’t help but think naughty thoughts of her since it’s just the two of us in her dorm. I think she picked up on my vibe because she was horny for some cock and wanted to fuck instead of study. It’s taboo to fuck my good friend’s daughter but it’s hard to say no when she’s so ready to go.
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