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Pumping Irony

Your gym membership fees have come due and to avoid paying up you’re hiding out in the locker room. Scarlett Hampton will finally track you down and if you don’t play ball, she will get her manager, Liz Jordan! They both corner you while you try to stall but Liz has got a business to run and she has no time for your games. Your towel will come loose as you negotiate giving Liz and Scarlett a view of your meaty dick. This pair of gym babes will propose a new kinda’ payment as things heat up in the locker room. The irony of it all is that you didn’t need to hide from these girls and they’re more than happy to go wild on your dick! Give Liz and Scarlett a good fucking as they each take a ride on your cock then take you deep in doggy style and missionary too. Today you’ll trade pumping iron for pumping some tight pussy instead!
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