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Sweet Dreams Are Made of Eve


Dreams really do cum true. Eve Sweet has been dating your best friend for a few months now and they seem to be getting along like a house on fire. She’s so damn hot and you have been catching glimpses of her and her hot body whenever you can. It’s your biggest crush for a long while but it’s your best friend’s girl so you’re not going there. But those titties… I mean look at those big beautiful breasts that bounce around whenever she comes into the room. You thought you were being so sneaky when you could see her nipples through the little black dresses she wears… But it turns out you weren’t so sly after all. She knows exactly what you’ve been doing and when she came over to yours at lunch to collect something for your friend, she admits that’s she’s been fantasizing and dreaming about you while in bed with him! There’s only so much temptation one man can take, and hot babe Eve Sweet has finally broken your resolve. Take a bite of Eve’s apple and experience all of one of the best VR pornstars in fully immersive stereoscopic VR porn. Grab your Meta Quest 3, Apple Vision Pro, or Valve Index and find out why Sweet Dreams are Made of Eve!
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