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The Loose Masseuse


Zoe Breiny is your hot & sultry South American work exchange fling, and she’s got a tight body that you can’t stay away from or stop thinking about all day every day. You’ve been away on work for almost 3 months now and since you met her through a colleague you’ve been hard to find outside of the bedroom. She’s one of the hottest brunettes you’ve ever been with, and she’s completely obsessed with massages. Whenever you get back to her place she either wants to give you one or for you to give her one, and she’s looking at you like she’s absolutely starving for cock… And today she wants to do something new, she wants to try anal! It’s time to get her laid out on the massage table and continue your affair with this hot Latina babe, so grab your Meta Quest 3, Oculus Go, or Valve Index and fuck Zoe Breiny in 7K stereoscopic VR porn now!
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