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This Is Not What You Think, Stepdaddy


Kama Oxi VR has been a very naughty girl. While her mother and stepfather were away, she had her boyfriend staying with her at their home. Such things are completely forbidden by her strict parents. When her stepfather comes home a day early, he turns mad to find the younger man asleep in her bed. You are so angry that you almost don’t give her the gift you brought home. Kama opens the bag and sees a sexy lingerie outfit. She has had a crush on you for a while and a gift like this makes it clear you feel the same way. Emboldened by your gift, she decides to be direct with you and changes right in front of you. Even with her boyfriend sleeping right there, you can’t help but get turned on. She can see your cock growing and gasps when you pop it out into the open, throbbing hard just for her. Seconds later she has him in her mouth, sucking and moaning so loudly that her boyfriend wakes up. He is shocked to find her blowing another guy and stunned that his girl is sucking off her stepfather. Instead of being upset, he is turned on and happy to fill her mouth when you spin her around to fuck her tight twat. You suddenly don’t seem to mind that she is a slut and has her boyfriend over. You enjoy banging her and watching her give head to her still-stunned boyfriend. She enjoys you both exploding huge loads of jizz all over her face. From now on, you will approve of overnight visits from her boyfriend, but only if you can join in.
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