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Watch Me Cheating On You, Honey


Lia’s boyfriend is very excited. He is coming over for their anniversary and she has promised him a huge surprise. She has always been adventurous so he assumes it is going to be something very sexy. When he arrives, she is dressed in a hot lingerie number that gets his blood pumping right away. She gags him and binds his wrists with tape and he thinks it is all just part of a very sexy VR porn game. Instead, she lets him know that she is aware of his cheating. After all this time together, how could he do such a thing? He tries to escape but is bound too tightly. All he can do is moan as she calls a friend and invites him over. With her boyfriend watching helplessly, she takes the new cock into her mouth and sucks it with every ounce of energy she can muster. He is only too happy to help her get revenge, but Lia Lin notices something while getting fucked by her handsome coworker. His cock is getting hard. He is getting turned on watching her cheat on him. Not one to let a big hardon go to waste, she puts him in her mouth while still getting plowed from the back. Getting even was the plan, but getting fucked by both big dicks is even better. She lets them take turns, making sure that her boyfriend sees the other man fucking her freely. They both fit nicely into her mouth as she sucks and strokes then both to a mutual climax on her pretty face. She is still angry with him for cheating but sees some fun VR threesomes in her future while he makes it up to her.
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