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Young Cheater


Chloe Chevalier VR finds herself in a very difficult situation. She went to college with her boyfriend and though she loves him, feels a bit smothered by the relationship. There are so many new guys on campus and they all seem to be interested in her. One such man is her English professor. Unable to resist his charms and forbidden temptation, Chloe started banging her professor after class. Cheating on her boyfriend wasn’t part of the plan, but she can’t stop. In a hurry one day, she sends her older lover a text to meet her in a private study room. She did not realize that she accidentally sent the text to her boyfriend. When she arrives for her afternoon bang, she is shocked to find her boyfriend waiting for her. He is angry and wants to make sure that Chloe is properly punished for cheating on him. She doesn’t want to lose him and agrees to anything he wants if she will just forgive her for fucking the professor. He starts by putting her on her knees and stuffing her mouth with his cock. He treats her like a VR porn slut. She does her best to give him the best blowjob ever, but that is not enough. There is one thing she has never let him try and as she bends over she can feel him pushing into her asshole for the first time. It is a tight fit, but the professor has already taught her the joys of anal sex so she lets her boyfriend bang away from behind. After getting fucked in the ass, Chloe begs him to cum on her face, but he has something else in mind. He keeps pumping until his load floods her cheating pussy. She is his and she better not forget it.
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