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Blake Blossom in “Classroom”


I decided to help my old college classmate, Blake Blossom, set up our old classroom for the alumni Halloween party because she’s hot as fuck and we’d most likely be alone. We finished decorating early way before the party was supposed to start. Blake let me know she was turned on by my gladiator costume and I’m sure she could tell I was aroused by her sexy devil costume. Since nobody was around for another hour and a half, Blake and I fucked all over our old classroom. I finally got to see her big round ass and juicy natural tits up close and personal while she bounced on my hard cock. I decided to help out my old classmate, Blake Blossom, with out alumni Halloween party. We had many classes together throughout college but never took the leap to hook up. Today, after we wrapped up the decorations and set up, Blake and I hit it off and found out we’re both somehow still single. I’ve always fantasized about my dick between her big natural tits. Well, Blake was horny enough today that she wanted to fuck right there in the classroom since nobody was showing up to the party for another hour and a half. Who knew my wild dream would come true during one of my favorite holidays? I took my sweet time with Blake enjoying every sexual position I wanted until I bust my load all over her tits.
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