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Earning Good Grades


After struggling in college all semester, Claudia Garcia VR knew she had to do something to save herself. Sneaking into her professor’s office, the blonde coed had hoped to change her grade to something that would keep her from getting kicked out. Instead, she got caught and faced the angry professor with little hope left. She starts to beg for forgiveness, but he sternly tells her that such behavior is unacceptable and she must be punished. He barks at her to bend over his desk and Claudia complies, unsure of what is to come. Lifting her skirt, he tells her that he can forgive her attempt at forgery if she is willing to be properly punished. She is frightened but turned on as she spanks her naked ass, reminding her that she is a bad girl. The stinging blows embarrass her, but her pussy juices are flowing by the time he takes out his cock for her real lesson. If she wants to stay out of trouble, she is going to have to be a good little slut for her professor. His cock is bigger than any of the boys she has banged on campus and she gags on it when she tries to go too deep. He pulls out of her mouth and stuffs his meat into her pussy. Claudia has never been so wet and grinds her hips back to show her professor just how sorry she is for trying to cheat. She shows him a trick she saw in some VR porn movie by pressing her big tits together and making his cock throb. This always works on the boys at school, but he has something else in mind for his cum. Making her ride to one final orgasm, the pervy professor leaves his load deep in her pussy and tells her that if she wants to pass, she will come back once a week for the same treatment.
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