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First Date


Tired of being alone and fed up with the bar scene, Keisha Kyd has decided to try an online VR dating app. She was surprised to find that she hit it off with a local guy right away. He doesn’t live too far away and wants to meet her. She is shy and a little worried, but she really longs for a new experience and agrees to pay him a visit. Geisha is impressed by his beautiful home, especially the piano. She has played since she was young and is embarrassed when he tells her that he wants to hear her play. As she plays, Geisha can feel his eyes on her, taking in every inch of her body. It sends chills up and down her back and sets fire to her pussy. When she finishes playing, his orders become more direct and he has her spreading her legs for him as he takes out his huge cock. It is the biggest one she has ever seen and nervous or not, she can’t wait to feel it inside of her. He lets her taste it first, but bends her over and slams into her with deep, hard thrusts. In this VR porn episode, he isn’t gentle at all, but somehow that makes her feel more at home as he takes her like no man ever has. Hearing him instruct her in his powerful, confident voice makes her want to obey his every command. When he has her suck her cum from his cock, she knows his load is coming soon and waits with her mouth wide open. New experiences are fantastic and Geisha knows that there are more to come.
Revenge Turns Me On
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