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Hi From Texas


Texas Patti VR has always been a great stepmom. She has taken care of everything around the house for years. Now that you are busy with college, she has taken a job outside of the home for the first time in years. Nervous about her first day in the big Virtual Reality company, she calls you into her room to give your opinion on her work attire. Her tight skirt and sexy top shock you a bit and she notices you staring. Not the reaction she was expecting from her stepson, but a flattering one for sure. Seeing your hard cock through your pants, she decides to tease you a little, adjusting her stockings and giving you a great view of her long legs. Now you’re staring with your mouth open as she pulls down her top. You get a great look at your stepmom’s tits and can’t help but squeeze your cock. That is exactly what she wanted to see. It has been far too long since a man has looked at her with this much desire and she wants to see just how far you are willing to go. She smiles and tells you that she will take more off if you take your cock out and stroke it for you. Who cares that she’s your stepmommy. She wants to see you pump for her and slips her fingers into that hot wet pussy. You are both racing towards climax as she shows you just what a boss bitch she really is. You blow your load all over the floor watching her cum. If the guys in the office react this way, she will be running the place in no time.
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