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Nash Magazine Blake Melody

Photographer Blake Blossom is conducting a test photoshoot for the upcoming cover of Nash Fashion Magazine. She aims to create some sexy and flirty images. You accompany your protégée, Melody Marks, who dreams of gracing the magazine cover despite this being her debut. She wants it so badly that she’s ready to do whatever Blake asks. Under your supervision, of course. As soon as the shooting begins, Blake impresses with her sensitivity, attentiveness, and tenderness toward the model. She hints that nudity could increase your chances… Melody quickly loosens up, gets into the groove, and poses openly. It seems that both girls enjoy the shoot so much that they become carried away and ask for your involvement. Would you mind assisting them? While you capture them, they start touching each other and kissing. After they get undressed, they switch their attention to you. Stunning, busty, and experienced Blake, along with fragile, somewhat submissive, and endlessly cute Melody, finally discover your aroused cock and keep it in their hands, mouths, and… pussies. Move to the couch to feel more comfortable together. You still don’t fully understand where this game leads, but you can’t resist the temptation anymore. Taking turns, they kiss you, they suck you, they ride you. Put them onto their backs and make them moan in the doggy-style position. The girls are so hot and gorgeous! So, would it be enough to help Melody to get the cover?
Intimate ASMR with Blake Blossom
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