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Sorority Rush: Beta, Kappa, Eta

Coco Lovelock wants to join the sorority. But to admit her, you, the top fuckboy in the cohort, have to evaluate her sluttiness. If Coco wants to join, she has to prove herself. Haley Spades, sorority advisor, rolls Coco’s skirt up and unbuttons her shirt to prepare the young girl for the rush. Haley teases and kisses you, and Coco instantly joins: she’s ready to do whatever it takes. Girls kiss each other and whisper dirty things to your ears. Your cock gets hard, indicating that you’re prepared to conduct the exam. First, enjoy the nipple and finger licking, then play with Haley’s tits while Coco strokes your cock. Get a deep slobbery blowjob and balls licking, and then you’re ready to proceed to the main part. Coco Lovelock jumps on your cock – you have to check how fast she bounces on it from behind. Haley Spades watches too, and she’s more than satisfied so far. The rush is getting hotter and hotter. After both curls cum from riding on your hips, move to the dorm and take that juicy fresh meat. Haley and Coco kiss each other in front of your eyes, offering you to sniff and lick their armpits, and then they bring those sweet tight holes to your mouth. Later stretch their pussies out while they take turns lying on their backs, making them cum again and again. Drill them in a doggy and let them scream at the top of their lungs. Yes, Coco is the best sorority slut ever. She’s in!
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