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Post Holiday Surprise


Things have been tight financially this year and you were feeling guilty that you couldn’t get your girlfriend anything special for Valentine’s Day. She is very understanding and just as broke as you are so she didn’t make you feel too awful. In fact, she invited you over a few days later for a special homemade gift. In this VR porn episode, you arrive expecting a home-cooked meal or a special dessert, but instead find her in the middle of the bed surrounded by rose petals and balloons wearing an outfit that barely covers anything at all. There may not be money for gifts or a special night out, but she knows something you can do together that won’t cost anything. You already have a great sex life, but she knows you have wanted to watch her play with herself for a long time. Well, tonight is the night. She is going to put on a VR porn show for you, but only if you join in the fun. That is a good deal for both of you. You love watching her naked as her hands begin to explore her tight, young body. When she pulls away her top you can see that her nipples are as stiff as your cock. She is pleased to see that you like your gift and continues to strip and she touches herself. You watch as she pleases her pussy just like she does in private and you can’t help but feel yourself close to the edge. She looks so beautiful fingering her slit and you recognize from her moans that she is close to herself. It has to be timed just right, but you might both cum at the same time.
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