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Sleep, Eat, Fuck, Repeat


It’s a vicious circle… and not only because of the repetition but because the situation is lustful! Dominique Palermo is sleeping, naked, with you in the bed. You wake up and feel hungry so you start to eat some strawberries. She does it very sensually and you get hard looking at her. She comes closer to you and starts kissing you. You fuck her in doggy style, grabbing her hips and making her move the way you want. She kneels and gives you a blowjob, sticking your dick inside her mouth and masturbating you at the same time… her warm gives you so much pleasure. Next, you fuck her in missionary, cowgirl and reverse cowgirl and she moans and moans of pleasure because your dick inside is making her feel awesome and because she touches herself at the same time. She gives you another blowjob and you cum in her mouth. It’s time to repeat everything: sleep, eat and fuck again!
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