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Sweet Delight


You haven’t seen much of your girlfriend Apolonia Lapiedra VR lately. Her older sister is getting married and with all of the family functions, she just hasn’t had the time to spend with you. The night before the wedding, she calls you late at night and asks you to come by for a visit. You meet her and find her admiring the wedding cake wearing nothing but a see-through bodysuit. She can tell you like the way it looks on her and tells you that she is sorry she has been too busy to give you attention lately. She misses you and wants to make it up to you. With her whole family asleep in the house, you can’t risk actually having sex, but she wants to put on a little VR porn show for you. If you like it and want to stroke your cock, she would be more than happy to join you for some mutually satisfying self-love. You agree and she starts to move around the cake in a provocative manner. One slipped on the table and she would ruin the cake and wake her entire family. Somehow the thrill just makes it hotter and your cock starts to throb in your hands. She strips and spreads out on the table, watching your hand pump up and down. By the time she is completely naked, she can see your pace has increased and that you look ready to blow at any moment. Her legs spread and her fingers work up and down the wet lips of her hot and ready pussy. Hurry, before anyone wakes up. Keep stroking and see if you can cum when she does. Any moment now.
Wedding Can Wait
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