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Wedding Gift


Beautiful bride Sky Pierce is so happy. Her wedding day was everything she had ever dreamed. Looking forward to her wedding night with her handsome new husband, she was a little surprised to find his live-in maid Ann Joy at the house. She wants to congratulate her boss and his new bride, but Sky is not happy with how short her uniform skirt is. Sky cannot believe that her husband’s maid looks like a hot VR porn model. Leaving the room to think about the situation, Sky decides that she is just being silly. When she comes back into the room she finds that Ann is sucking her husband’s cock. This is not exactly what she planned, but she loves her husband and the maid seems to be making him happy. In this VR episode, she decides to join Ann to give him a sloppy double blowjob. Having another girl to play with turns out to be a lot of fun and Sky loves the way her soft hands help guide his cock into her ready pussy. Trading places, she watches as her new husband fucks his pretty maid from behind. It is clear to her this is not their first time, but she is more turned on than she is jealous. Sky also loves the way Ann uses her tongue on both of them. They take turns cumming on his dick and then collect his big load all over their faces. Sharing may not have been what she had in mind, but the idea of having a pretty girl around the house willing to do whatever she wants in and out of the bedroom grows is one Sky can live with. She can’t wait to get Ann alone.
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