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Office Affair: Intern Onboarding

The adult toy company is conducting a focus group to test new products. The long-haired beauty Hazel Moore is the host, and the shy, red-haired Melanie Marie is the intern. Melanie wasn’t informed about the topic of the focus group and feels embarrassed now, but Hazel seductively helps her relax. These two incredibly hot girls slowly check the texture, appearance, and durability of different toys, finally getting undressed to try up each of them. They playfully ask you to touch their big boobs to check the quality of nipple tags, then watch them test the vibrator. Hazel and Melanie moan with pleasure, so you get instantly hard realizing that the focus group has gone too far. Girls check the dildo by licking and sucking it, and you crave for them to give a blowjob to you. Your dreams come true: to compare the dildo with a real cock Hazel and Melody taste yours. The three of you want it so much that it’s impossible to resist any longer: while Melanie sits on your cock and jumps on it, Hazel kisses and teases you. Then girls switch and make you feel the height of pleasure. Move to the couch and enjoy the real fuck. Stretch their pussies from inside, use a dildo, and choke them tenderly. Hazel and Melanie lick each other’s pussy juices right in front of your face. Their holes are so pink and small, you’re very welcome to join! Girls keep whispering nasty words, and finally, Melanie begs to cum inside her. Fulfill her wish.
Sorority Rush: Beta, Kappa, Eta
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